We are trying to open up as many results of our work as we can. This can be software, documentation, manuals, techniques, both primary and additional results. Here you can find a list of completed projects. NEW icon is used to highlight few latest projects.

General GIS

Clear horizon – participatory fire monitoring and reporting
Full stack GIS for fire data collection and automatic reports

GIS for operational oversight of fiber optic infrastructure construction
Multi-component GIS to help oversee construction, manage contractors’ progress, visualize specific geodata and provide reports.

Client-server tools for building geodata storage
Set of tools to store, manage and synchronize geodata in a special storage.

GIS for Krasnogorsk
First stage of corporate GIS for Krasnogorsk municipality, including server, desktop and web clients.

Environmental passport of Balakovo municipality
GIS for management and visualization of ‘environmental passport’ of Balakovo region.

Planning new buffer zone for Kurshskaya kosa National park
Mapping for a new buffer zone of Kurshskaya kosa National Park (Kaliningrad region).

Environmental passport for Lipetsk region
Publicly available system showing regularly updated data on various environmental features and their condition.

Forest inventory GIS and data migration from TopoL-Lesis to NextGIS QGIS
New toolset to migrate forest inventory data from TopoL (Lesis) into NextGIS QGIS. Toolset was successfuly put in practice in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve.

Web GIS and interactive maps

People’s History of Russia: Cities in Stories
Web GIS and interactive map to visualize local stories –

Groza GIS – lightning strikes monitoring for enterprises
Geographic information system that visualizes lightning strikes around an industrial object and notifies the system operators.

Russia and precursors, 1462-2018
Interactive  map showing the dynamics of political borders of Russia and it’s precursors.

Toponyms gazeteer
Interactive tool to find historical toponyms on the modern map. Uses based Web GIS as a backend.

Territory of ‘Not allowed’
Interactive map showing areas restricted for public assembly according to federal and regional legislation, based on OpenStreetMap data.

Web GIS “Blueprints of Russia, 16-17th centuries”
Online GIS that provides access to historical Russian cartographic schematics of XVI-XVII century from repositories of Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents.

Open geodata portal of Primorsky Krai
Custom solution based on CKAN and NextGIS Web to store, publish and provide access to open geospatial data.

Topography of terror — 2
Interactive historical map for repression sites together with International Memorial.

SCADA and NextGIS Web intergration
Sockets based service and widget to receive information from SCADA and show it on the map.

Spatial species information system for Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug
Web-based mapping system to allow unified collection and preliminary analysis of biodiversity data of the region.

Mapping subsystem for SGIO Ag
Mapping subsystem for Joint interactive portal for State information system for agriculture (SGIO Ag) that allows storing, visuzualizing and distribution of ag datasets.

Web GIS “Raptor Ringing”
Webmap-based information system for entering, processing and visualization for raptors ringing data.

Web-GIS for the State Natural Biosphere Reserve “Taimyrskiy”
Web-GIS for the area, includes navigatable maps, images, photos and more.

Moscow Elections Map of 2011
The map showing official and some of the independent results of 2011 elections to Parlametnt in Moscow.

Gasoline price dynamics and emergencies across regions of Russia
Webmaps for visualizing operational and archived information on prices and events.

Oracle Spatial to PostGIS migration
Creation of new stored procedures and transition of the old ones, structural transition.

Cultural legacy information system of Rostov region
Online map-based system for entering and showing cultural information, texts and photos

Web Map Application “Situational map”
Three-level OpenLayers application for managment of tasks on different administrative levels.

Amur Information Center
Web-based system for gathering and organization of documentation, images, geodata and related materials on Amur ecoregion.

Lesnadzor – forest violations map
Public monitoring system for violations of forest use on the base of Google Maps.


Satellite data processing automation for end users – use case
Building a service to automate calculations for Urban environment quality index.

Open data

Remote sensing monitoring of FSC forests
Data generation and free and opensource tools for effective forest change monitoring.

OSM extracts of centers of municipal regions in shape-format
Service that daily extracts data on municipal and city districs centers from OSM database and adds specific codes.

Russian administrative units data based on OpenStreetMap
Service that daily extracts data on administrative units from OSM database, clips it with coastlines and populates it with codes.

Global OpenStreetMap shapefiles for Resident Consulting
Import from OSM XML, preprocessing,  extracting attributes and export into ESRI Shape format

Software development

Send2Google_Earth for QGIS
A QGIS plugin that integrates with Google Earth. Click anywhere on the map in QGIS and have the same point (or points) opened in Google Earth. Both Windows and Linux are supported.

Improvements to Batyr
Batyr is a PostGIS DB and OGR-data sync software and we’ve added bulk mode that allows to speed up the syncronization process for large datasets.

PeopleFinder — mobile station for search and rescue
Experimental hardware/software system that can search for mobile devices using its own GSM network and show their location on the map.

InaSAFE — formulate realistic scenarios of natural disasters
InaSAFE allows using data from scientific organizations, local authorities and agencies to analyse and assess the most probable scenarios of natural disasters.

MOLUSCE — quick and convenient analysis of land cover changes
QGIS-based toolbox that allows to perform quick and convenient analysis of changes in landscapes.

Adaptation of NextGIS Mobile for Motorola ET1
Update of NextGIS Mobile for Android 2.2 and 7” screens.

Express Kosmosnimki support plugin for QGIS
‘One-clik’ addition of service basemap and adding materials purchased through the service using API-keys

GIS with UNDP/GEF data for administration of Taimyr region
GIS based on NextGIS QGIS and a new tool to generate quick reports – Reporter

Metatools — productive metadata plugin for QGIS
Plugin that allows to create, edit and view metadata in QGIS.

DTclassifer plugin
Plugin that allows to classify raster data or perform change detection in QGIS.

CSWclient plugin
Plugin for QGIS that allows to manage CSW catalogs, browse, search and add data from them.

Protected areas database cadastre
QGIS plugin for creating and managing spatial protected areas database.

GDALTools: raster reprojection, conversion and information module
A set of additional functions for QGIS GDALTools plugin that allows batch reprojection, conversion and extraction of metadata from rasters.

Improved georeferencing plugin
Serious improvement of georeferencing in QGIS, allows referencing of rasters in needed coordinate system, convenient transformation set up, GCP collection table,  RMS error calculation, output raster type etc.

Raster algebra plugin
Basic arithmetic and logical operations with single and multi-band rasters for QGIS.

Education and Training

Fire monitoring using remote sensing data
Educational project aimed at to increase activity of beginning specialists in the field of wildfire monitoring using remote sensing data.

Training for Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
4-days training – introduction to NextGIS QGIS

Open Web-GIS training for Radio Engineering Corporation “Vega” and KB “Lutch”
6-days training for practical problem solving in web-mapping

Internship for specialists from Commander Islands Nature Reserve
Geospatial technology internship based on ArcGIS and QGIS.

QGIS training for Administration of Taimyr region
Introduction to GIS training course using QGIS.

Internship for Ugra University
Customized Web-GIS internship program. Focused on basics, architecture and programming excersises using opensource software.

Training for ANO NIPI “Cadaster”
Customized GIS and Remote sensing internship program with focus on resource management.

Internship for Kronotsky Nature Reserve
Specially designed GIS and Remote sensing internship program. Focused on variety of different technologies (web, desktop, databases) including intensive use of ArcGIS.

Training for Mordovsky Nature Reserve
Wide range of GIS and remote sending related questions related to protected areas everyday work.

Training for “Lengiprotrans” JSC
Introduction to GIS with NextGIS QGIS

QGIS training manual for forest health specialists
Set of documents describing main features of QGIS in forestry field and forest health monitoring examples.