List of software products and services developed by NextGIS.

Core services – your cloud Web GIS ready to go! (read more) – data for your GIS (read more) – geodata processing tools (read more) – geoservices for your GIS (read more)

Core platform

NextGIS Web – server-side core GIS for data storage, services and visualization
ngm_45 NextGIS Mobile – mobile app (Android) featuring multiple layers, editing and customizable forms
ngq_45 NextGIS QGIS – full-featured desktop GIS for data creation and analysis

Additional applications

NextGIS Frontend – a set of JavaScript libraries to build your own Web GIS applications (read more)
NGFormbuilder_logo_45 NextGIS Formbuilder – form creation tool for NextGIS Mobile
NGFormbuilder_logo_45 Feedbacker – simple web-app to collect geodata
ngq_45 Over 20 extension plugins for NextGIS QGIS: QuickMapServices, OSMInfo, Click-Fu, Connect and more


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  1. Quisiera saber si tienen un manual de MOLUSCE
    Tengo problemas para poder usarlo en QGIS.
    No despliega la leyenda…

  2. Olá Liliana Ramirez. Em nosso site há uma manual traduzido por nós para o português. Veja em

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