List of software products and services developed by NextGIS.

Core services – your cloud Web GIS ready to go! (read more) – data for your GIS (read more) – geodata processing tools (read more) – geoservices for your GIS (read more)

Core platform

NextGIS Web – server-side core GIS for data storage, services and visualization
NextGIS Connect – easy to use QGIS helper plugin for managing your Web GIS resources
NextGIS Mobile – mobile app (Android) featuring multiple layers, editing and customizable forms

Additional tools

NextGIS GeoServices – cartographic solutions for organization’s internal network
NextGIS Frontend – a suite of frontend JS libraries designed to accelerate the development of Web GIS apps using NextGIS software (read more)
NextGIS Formbuilder – form creation tool for NextGIS Mobile
NextGIS Collector – mobile app (Android) for field data collection (read more)
Over 20 plugins for NextGIS QGIS: QuickMapServices, OSMInfo, Click-Fu and more
NextGIS QGIS – custom Enterprise build of QGIS for data creation and analysis