On premise pricing

NextGIS Web on premise, Standard edition

€3500/first year, €1750/next years  Contact us

Have complete control over your corporate server GIS.

NextGIS Web on premise, Extended edition

€7500/first year, €3750/next years  Contact us

Standard edition plus several extensions:

Additional options

  • White label option, +€3000, one time
  • Extra 50 users, +€350, one time

Professional services

€50/hour  Contact us

Outsource your daily GIS needs to our specialists. Plan can include:

  • Consulting
  • Geodata preparation and processing
  • Software development
  • Setting up and optimize your GIS




How does bug-fixing work?

  1. If you’ve found a bug in our product, please inform us by writing to support@nextgis.com, we’ll answer in 24 hours.
  2. Your bug report will be assigned a priority and put in a queue.
  3. Depending on a bug it might be fixed in few days or even hours.
  4. Thanks to our software distribution system getting an update is very easy.

How does support work?

  1. First, you need to register to get an account.
  2. If you’re experiencing a problem with one of our products or have a general question, you need to inform us at support@nextgis.com
  3. We’ll answer in 8 hours current or next business day (10 to 18:00 GMT+2). See Terms of support.

White label

  1. White label allows to remove or substitute all NextGIS logos, service links and mentions with your company ones.
  2. Can only be applied to NextGIS Web Standard or Extended.
  3. +€3000 to the price, one time.


Pre-sale testing policy for on-premise products.

  1. We don’t offer pre-sale testing option for your own servers.
  2. We guarantee the success of installation if conditions and recommendations are met.
  3. You can test functionality:
    1. In the cloud on Free plan (cost-free, limited functionality, no support)
    2. In the cloud on Premium plan (paid, full functionality, support, migration from cloud to on-premise if testing is successful)
    3. In the sandbox (cost-free, full functionality, auto-clean)

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