Process geodata in your browser

Eliminate the need to install GIS software with NextGIS Toolbox collection of browser-based processing tools.

  • Options for vector and raster data
  • Detailed manual for each tool
  • Integration with Web GIS
  • History of your tasks

More than 70 tools are available in NextGIS Toolbox.
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The goal of NextGIS Toolbox is to simplify geodata processing. The user has no longer to think about how to run a sequence of several operations and how to prepare input parameters for it.

Choose the right tool

The collection includes about 70 tools and is constantly growing.

To the list of tools

Just fill out the form

To run the tool, fill in the form fields and click “Run”.

Task execution time depends on the amount of data being processed. Most tools require a few seconds to a minute.

API access

You can run any tool from NextGIS Toolbox collection remotely.

Each tool is accompanied by an example of a Python code and a token, generated for authorized users.

Source data and results depend on the tool

At the entry can be:

Layers of data in different formats

Links to resources from your Web GIS


The output can be:

in XLS format


Modified data in your Web GIS

Process geodata with ease

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