Technical support

Our default policy is No Free technical support. If you’re not our paying customer by default we can’t offer any support. If you’re already our customer, please write us at If you need guaranteed timely response, please Sign up!

Nevertheless, we try to answer. Here are a few things you can do to increase your  chances to get a quick and helpful response from us:

  1. Start with the question. Even when we’re offline, we’ll get your questions. Don’t wait for a specialist to show up if you’re using chat. Just ask.
  2. Identify yourself. Add an email you used to sign up for our services. If you’re already our client, please let us know right away.
  3. Consider working hours. Our working hours are 10:00-18:00 (GMT+3). We might or might not answer off-work hours.
  4. Be specific. Please provide the context for your question and all the details, steps to replicate, screenshots etc. Make sure we don’t need to ask for clarifications.
  5. Language. We speak English and Russian, only.

If your communication is ignoring the above likely we won’t answer at all, sorry.

GIS is a field full of details and we realize it might be difficult to start working with our products. However, we’re a small team building lots of complex tools and we don’t have yet capacity for free personal education. We recommend to first browse through our documentation and videos to get the answers you need. You can also try StackExchange.

This advice is provided to ensure the most effective communication between users and NextGIS team. It applies to messages via:

  • Email
  • Online chat
  • Messengers