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  • Create an unlimited number of online maps based on your data
  • Publish and seamlessly update your QGIS maps online
  • Upload and download geodata
  • Collaborate with colleagues to add, edit and revise your geodata online
  • Connect to your data from mobile and desktop geospatial software
  • Use our service to develop your own geospatial applications

Start with a free account

  • Up to 30 maps and layers
  • Up to 5 Gb of geodata storage
  • Up to 128 Mb single file size
  • Maps and layers visible to the public when published
  • Self-support with documentation and tutorials

Upgrade when ready

Our professional plans offer:

  • Permission management – make your maps and layers private
  • Basemaps – a catalog of 200+ basemaps and the ability to add your own
  • Custom branding – add your company domain, logo and design elements
  • More speed – additional resources for faster maps and data exchange
  • Online data editing – edit vector layer geometries directly online
  • Field data collection – create custom field data collection projects NextGIS Collector app
  • Technical support – get help via email and live chat

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