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Relief and elevation

Microsoft building data

Satellite imagery

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The formats available are

ESRI Shapefile
ESRI Geodatabase
Mapinfo TAB
Mapinfo MIF/MID
SQL (PostgreSQL)


Coordinate system


Territory coverage

All countries in the world
All regions of the world countries
Arbitrary territory

OSM Basemap layers included in the data set:

  1. Administrative boundaries (baseline + trimmed at land boundary)
  2. Aerialways (lines and points)
  3. Airports
  4. Buildings (polygons and points)
  5. Coastlines
  6. Highways
  7. Islands
  8. Lakes and large rivers
  9. Land
  10. Landuse
  11. Parking
  12. Pedestrian crossings
  13. Points of interest (polygons and points)
  14. Powerline towers
  15. Powerlines
  16. Protected areas
  17. Public transportation routes
  18. Public transportation stops
  19. Railway platforms
  20. Railway stations
  21. Railways
  22. Runways
  23. Settlements (polygons and points)
  24. Subway entrance points
  25. Surfaces
  26. Vegetation
  27. Water
  28. Waterways

The data set also includes a ready and customized project for QGIS, ArcGIS or MapInfo.

Relief data

Contours (vector)
DEM (raster)
Hillshade (raster)

Microsoft building data

Buildings – Microsoft
Buildings – OSM (polygons)
Buildings – OSM (points)

Satellite imagery

Satellite imagery mosaic

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