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Answers to frequently asked questions are collected here. Please review them before contacting us. If you have not found an answer to your question here, or if it is not clear to you, please ask, we will be happy to answer it.

1. General questions

1.1 Can I download your software for free?
Yes, you can download free evaluation versions of our products by clicking on the “Evaluation Version” button on the main product page (full software list). If there is no such button, you cannot get this program for free.

1.2 I downloaded the program from your site, can I use it in my organization?
You can, but at your own responsibility. When you installed the trial version, we do not assume any obligation to support and update the program, and do not provide any documents confirming the legality of its use. Please be warned that in the event of tax or other audits in your organization, you may be faced with the need to justify the legality of the use by a commercial organization of the software obtained free of charge under an open license.

1.3 Who is the copyright holder of your software?
The ultimate copyright holder of all the programs presented on our site is the Russian company NextGIS (requisites). All our programs are registered with Rospatent. You can see the copies of the corresponding certificates on the program pages.
The basis of the rights to the programs are the copyrights of employees and contractors of NextGIS for the relevant program code. Where third party works have been used in the creation of NextGIS programs, such use is subject to the license terms of use and distribution of such works.

1.4 The name of one of your products (NextGIS QGIS) contains a third party trademark. Do you have the right to use it?
Yes, the trademark “QGIS” (name and logo) is used by us with the written consent of the registered trademark holder.

1.5 How much does it officially cost to purchase your programs?
You can find the cost of our products on the NextGIS Prices for installation on your server and NextGIS Prices for installation in the cloud.

1.6 How do I pay for your programs?
You can pay in euro by bank transfer.

1.7 Are there any restrictions on the number of installations of the purchased copy of the program and the number of users of the support program?
Yes, there are restrictions on the number of installations and users.

1.8 What are the options for officially purchasing your programs?

At the moment there are two options:

  • For individuals: purchase one of the Plans.
  • For legal entities: sign an agreement with us that includes one of the selected NextGIS Web Editions.

Contact us to enter into an agreement.

1.9 When will ABC functionality appear in one of your products?
We have big plans for the development of our products. New functionality appears in them as we get orders for its development. Therefore, if you are not our customer (i.e. you do not have a support contract or project with us), any estimates of the release dates of this or that functionality are approximate and we cannot guarantee anything.

2. Purchasing software

2.1 What do I get when I buy your software?

  1. A set of documents confirming the right to use the software (contract, acceptance certificate for the right to use the software, delivery note for a copy of the software). This set of documents is sufficient to reflect your company’s purchase costs in its accounting.
  2. Access to NextGIS product updates for a specified number of months after conclusion of the agreement.
  3. Direct support.

Depending on the plan you choose, you may also receive:

  • Extended access to including dedicated server or servers.
  • Development of additional functionality for any NextGIS products.
  • User training based on an agreed upon program.
  • Instructions for specific tasks.
  • Consulting at the client’s office or remotely.
  • Assigning a support specialist.

2.2 What should I do if I don’t need a plan, but I want to use your program officially?
Officially use our software without buying it – it is impossible.

2.3 How to get a contract number for your program?
Make that agreement with us by buying one of the Plans for organizations or individual users and small teams.

3. I would like to ask questions about your software

3.1 I would like answers to questions related to the use of your program.
We guarantee answers to our Users. A User is a person or organization that has purchased Premium or NextGIS Web. If you are not a User, we do not guarantee an answer.

3.2 I am an employee of an organization that has purchased a supported plan, how do I get an answer to my question?
Depending on the plan, your organization may have 5 or more support accounts. To get an endorsement, you must:

  1. Register at to get a NextGIS ID.
  2. Send us an email from the person who purchased the plan stating the NextGIS ID of the person who should be receiving support.
  3. After receiving a letter from us, write your question to

3.3 I am not a User yet, but I would like some answers to my questions in order to decide if I need your program at all.
We will try to answer you, but we don’t promise detailed answers on comparing our programs with other GIS, as well as answers to questions about fine-tuning, operation, development and integration of our software with different systems. You can get answers to these questions as part of a support or training program.

3.4 I have a bug report or suggestion for improvement, where should I send it? When will you respond to them?
You can send us a message through the appropriate channel. We will certainly take note of your message, especially. However, if you are not our User, we do not guarantee a response.

3.5 I have found a bug/print in your software. How soon can you fix it?
We are always willing to accept bug reports from our customers. Unfortunately, in most cases we will not be able to give you a deadline for fixing them, unless this is specified in special agreements within the framework of some projects with customers.

3.6 I want to talk about NextGIS products and news informally, where can I do it?
In our Telegram group.