Manage your web maps from QGIS

Publish your maps on the web directly from QGIS with the NextGIS Connect plugin.

  • Upload data to your Web GIS and download it back
  • Create interactive web maps from QGIS projects in just a few clicks
  • Update the styles of already published layers
  • Create WFS services

To use NextGIS Connect in QGIS and begin publishing online maps, you need to set up a Web GIS, an online location for your geographic information and interactive web maps. You can create a Web GIS simply by signing up for a account – or by deploying it on your own server.

Get started in three simple steps

Set up your Web GIS

Start QGIS

Install the NextGIS Connect plugin in QGIS and connect to your Web GIS

NextGIS Connect works in

This plugin is installed in the same way as any other module – through the official repository within QGIS.

For a detailed dive into NextGIS Connect, please read the documentation.

insert_drive_file Documentation

Create your own Web GIS and publish geodata in minutes

Create a Web GIS

Geodata for your projects on NextGIS Data


Buildings from Microsoft


Satellite imagery