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NextGIS Formbuilder is a desktop application for creating and editing forms. Forms can be uploaded into NextGIS Mobile to be rendered on the fly for convenient data collection. This software serves as a platform for our custom software development projects geared for specific requirements.

NextGIS Formbuilder is available as Free and Pro version.

Features of NextGIS Formbuilder Free

NextGIS Formbuilder is able to:

  • Create new forms from scratch or based on existing geodata
  • Use more than 10 different controls
  • Link controls to datafields
  • Set different options for controls for better behaviour
  • Save set-up form together with data for upload to NextGIS Mobile

Features of NextGIS Formbuilder Pro

  • Connect and send forms/layers to Web GIS
  • Form controls: Tabs, Distance meter, Dependent comboboxes, Coordindates, Signature, Splitted comboboxes, Counter, Photo.

NextGIS Formbuilder Pro is part of subscription plans. Subscribtion allows to store your data in the cloud, create Web maps, data collectoin projects, use Pro-functionality of NextGIS Mobile and QGIS, get support from NextGIS and much more.

You need to be on Mini or Premium subscription to use NextGIS Formbuilder Pro.

Buy NextGIS Formbuilder Pro

To start using Pro, sign in in Formbuilder with a button in the upper right corner of the toolbar.

Download NextGIS Formbuilder

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Mac OS X


Source code for the current version.

9 Responses to NextGIS Formbuilder

  1. Jens says:

    I used Formbuilder to make a form for NextGIS Mobile, but I noticed the photo-element is not working on my Android devices. Isn’t the photofunction yet available for NextGIS Mobile?

  2. Hi!
    My installation (on Windows 10) of FormBuilder stops in an error message: “Cannot open X:/xxx/xxx/NextGIS/nextgis-setup.exe for reading. Unknown error.”
    I downloaded the installation file (16483 kB) several times and checked that the file privileges are set ok.
    Have you encountered this before? Do you have an idea of what could cause it and how to fix it?

    • Hi, Kari! We’ve tested the installer on Windows 10 Home and there was no such errors. Could you please provide some more information. At what time of the installation process does this message take place? At the end? Are you logged in as administrator?
      Also try to explicitly run the installer as administrator and/or deactivate your anti-malware software.

  3. Mohsen says:

    Please give me guidance
    Why does not support the Persian-language NextGIS Formbuilder. ?
    When I want to add a saved list with CSV format, I add it to the combo in the form of the toolbar. Persian letters change shape.

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