Web application for maps and geodata

Deploy Web GIS in the cloud or on your own server with NextGIS Web.

Store and publish geodata
Set up multi-user access to your data
Connect your Web GIS with desktop and mobile applications

You can buy Premium and get instant access to NextGIS Web in the cloud. Or you can purchase NextGIS Web for your server.

NextGIS Web allows you to:

  • create and display maps and use them as geoportals
  • navigate through maps (zoom in, zoom out, move)
  • manage content through a web interface
  • connect vector (ESRI Shape, PostGIS, GeoPackage, MapInfo TAB, MIF/MID, etc.) and raster data
  • act as server and client for the standard OGC protocols (WMS, WFS-T, TMS)
  • manage access for any layers, layer groups, and maps
  • integrate with other systems via API

Works in all browsers

Browse demo resources
Buying NextGIS Web includes:

Installation and setup assistance
Access to Pro versions of the client software
Field data collection and vehicle monitoring tools
Direct support from the developers