NextGIS GeoServices: basemap hosting and tile cache

Cartographic solutions for your intranet
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Creating raster and vector tiles from your OSM PBF data with caching capability.

Creating tile services based on external TMS services with caching capability.

Creating tile services based on Web Maps created in NextGIS Web, with caching capability.

Editing base map styles.

Managing access to services using API keys.

Create user groups for flexible access configuration

Customize user access to specific services by creating and managing user groups.

The number of groups and services within each group are unlimited.

For example, employees of your organization may be one group with access to all services. External users may be set up as a separate group, with access only to the services you choose.

Raster and vector tiles

Services created based on your PBF data can be requested as raster and vector tiles. External TMS services and services based on NextGIS Web maps are available as raster tiles.

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