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NextGIS Mobile is a mobile GIS for Android (> 2.2) that lets you create, edit and export geodata, working both online and offline. NextGIS Mobile also serves as a platform for our custom software development projects.

NextGIS Mobile is available as Free and Pro version.

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Features of NextGIS Mobile Free

NextGIS Mobile allows to:

  • Display multi-layer map (layers can come from online and offline sources)
  • Change visibility and layers order
  • Navigate the map (panning, zoom in, zoom out)
  • Collect data in the fiel
  • Edit vector data (both geometries and attributes) online and offlin
  • Display coordinates, speed, elevation etc

Features of NextGIS Mobile Pro

In addition to Free version functionality NextGIS Mobile Pro allows to:

  • Connect and send data to Web GIS (on premise in the cloud)
  • Record tracks (aka GPS-monitoring, sending your location information to your Web GIS)
  • Add and edit layers from PostGIS (via Web GIS)
  • Use dependent comboboxes in forms

NextGIS Mobile Pro is part of subscription plans. Subscribtion allows to store your data in the cloud, create Web maps, data collectoin projects, use Pro-functionality of NextGIS QGIS and Formbuilder, get support from NextGIS and much more.

You need to be on Mini or Premium subscription to use NextGIS Mobile Pro.

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Source code for the current version.