Organize team-based field data collection

  • Create mobile forms for a specific collection project
  • Track the movement of collectors in real time
  • Receive data from the collectors in the blink of an eye

You can organize data collection with the NextGIS Collector technology yourself. Create your own web GIS and subscribe to Premium to get access to the necessary platform components.

NextGIS Collector has three components

NextGIS Web

A server-based Web GIS that stores data collected by collectors, web maps to display them, and collection projects.

NextGIS Formbuilder

Visual form editor for the NextGIS Collector mobile app. Includes many elements for entering data.

NextGIS Collector

An Android app for collecting data in the field. In it, collectors fill in the forms created in Formbuilder.

All data collected with NextGIS Collector is geo-referenced

In addition to textual attributive information, attach photos and documents to objects.

The collector will immediately see the entered data via the Web GIS.

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Organize the work in three steps

and administration

  • Creation of collection forms in a visual editor, 16 different types of elements (drop-down lists, text fields, flags, photos…)
  • Flexible system of administration and management of access to resources
  • Ability to integrate with the organization’s rights assignment system (own server)


  • Geo-referenced data transfer in form and map mode
  • Data collection in offline mode
  • Tracking, monitoring the movement of collectors

with collected data

  • Viewing and editing data in a browser in NextGIS Web
  • Multiuser mode for working with data
  • Export to desktop GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS, Mapinfo)

Get access to NextGIS Collector in the cloud
or on your own server