Training for Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

NextGIS carried out 4-days NextGIS QGIS training of stuff of Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Training included theory and practice and covered the following topics:

  • Starting working with NextGIS QGIS: project, organizing data, extending functionality with plugins
  • Supported vector and raster formats, opening data from other GIS software (for example MapInfo)
  • Import of table point data
  • Linking vector and table data by attributes and by location
  • Using OpenStreetMap data
  • Creating vector data (digitizing from raster map/satellite image), editing existing data
  • Connecting to databases
  • Georeferencing raster data
  • Working with representation of raster and vector data
  • Labeling and annotations
  • Working with attributes, queries, field calculation, calculating geometric dimentions of objects
  • Using Processing for data analysis, automation of repetitive tasks
  • Creating map layouts, editing, mapmaking and export.

We also covered multiple problems outside of the initial plan such as building elevation contours and interpolation from point data.

During the training was discovered numbers of bugs, which was reported to the developers and some of which have already been fixed (for example, 1 and 2).

We would like to thank our attentive listeners for active participation and questions.

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