SXF support in GDAL

As a New Year’s gift we’d like to present long-awaited support of SXF format for GDAL. Until recently, there was no open implementation of the format, though it is open by itself. That did not help its spread and promotion and didn’t let people effectively work with in the software of their choice. We’re happy to bring you that opportunity.

GDAL – is a cross-platform library that allows painlessly access to hundreds of raster and vector formats. GDAL is used by practically everyone starting from Google Earth to “industrial” ArcGIS and QGIS. Support of GDAL throurgh this library means its widest possible reach and support in hundreds of GDAL based applications including of course GDAL’s command-line utilities as well.

SXF – open data format used in GIS systems for storage and exchange of  geospatial data. The format is especially widespread in Russia. Read more in documentation.

Currently we implemented support for reading binary SXF versions 3.х and 4.х. Particular feature of SXF format is storing of all features as one list. Further RSC file is used to assign features to layers. Besides, a feature can have variable number of attributes. We developed several approaches to deal with such setup in GDAL that required, besides new driver, changes to the library itself. As a consequence it is now possible to export SXF to any other format supported by GDAL/OGR.

NextGIS Manager SXF

NextGIS is available to develop GDAL to support new formats and to add functionality to existing ones. Let us know.

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