Oracle Spatial to PostGIS Migration

NextGIS has completed the transition from Oracle and Oracle Spatial to PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the new application of iFort.

iFort has decided to broaden its product line with the new geomarketing application. The new application required a more lightweight and an easy-to-use database with capabilities to store and process geospatial data. PostgreSQL with PostGIS was a natural candidate.

In addition to adapting and transitioning server procedures from Oracle and Oracle Spatial to PostgreSQL/PostGIS, NextGIS developed several new stored procedures using PL/pgSQL language. In particular, NextGIS developed algorithms for the detection of clustered geometries and the calculation of reachable transport networks.

We were pleased with flexibility of SQL and choice of languages to create stored procedures. For our applications, PostgreSQL was on par with Oracle in terms of productivity in most and was superior in several cases. Serious stress-testing is planned, but we are already certain that we’ve got more than expected from migration to PostgreSQL. NextGIS’ expertise and attention to our problems made the transition painless.

Alexander Chilingaryan
CEO, iFort

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