Open Web-GIS Training For Radio Engineering Corporations “Vega” and KB “Lutch”

NextGIS held a 6-day Web-GIS training class for employees of Moscow’s Vega Radio Engineering Corporation,
and KB-Lutch of St. Petersburg.

With hands-on training, students became conversant with the skills needed to install and configure Web-GIS software. PostGIS, MapServer, MapProxy, OpenLayers were but some of the applications the students mastered. The course also covered some of the traditional libraries used in the development of Web-GIS: GDAL/OGR, and PROJ.4. Course topics included:
▪ Web applications and Web-GIS architecture
▪ Data storage approaches
▪ Web mapping services
▪ Caching servers
▪ Raster data publication basics
▪ Client mapping libraries
▪ Python libraries used for the development of Web-GIS
▪ OpenStreetMap data

There was also a one-day workshop devoted exclusively to the development of plug-ins for Quantum GIS.

NextGIS would like to thank all of the participants. We specifically would like to thank Vega for the convenient software infrastructure (virtual containers), which allowed us to hold a very productive workshop.

Example of combining OpenStreetMap data and own WMS-service (the result of one of the tasks)

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