New GDAL/OGR for NextGIS Web

Geographic data abstraction library GDAL/OGR has got a new very important driver – NextGIS Web. The new driver is available starting GDAL 2.4. NextGIS Web (NGW) – is a server GIS, our main product that allows to organize storage, visualization and management of your team’s geodata. NGW is used by thousands of users around the world in our cloud and lots of different organizations on their premises.

GDAL/OGR is a de-facto standard in GIS field and NGW support opens broad avenues for bringing its support to many products using GDAL. At the same time we’re going to update our own products to use this driver instead of custom implementations. The products to be updated are:

New GDAl is already used in NextGIS QGIS available for Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows.

Main driver features:

  • Get information about NGW resources: vector, raster layers, styles, services.
  • Obtain (download) data itself (both raster and vector)
  • Update (edit) data (vector and raster starting GDAL 2.4.1)

More of NGW support on GDAL website.

More of NGW raster support on GDAL website.

See examples of new functionality in action below:

2 Responses to New GDAL/OGR for NextGIS Web

  1. Odes says:

    There is a LNK2019 error when compiled with GDAL/OGR library.
    ogrsf_frmts.lib(ogrregisteral.obj), RegisterOGRNGW, OGRRegisterAllInternal

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