NextGIS Formbuilder

NextGIS Formbuilder is a desktop application for creating and editing forms. Forms can be loaded into NextGIS Mobile to be rendered on the fly for convenient data collection.

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NextGIS Formbuilder is able to:

  • create new forms from the scratch and based on geodata;
  • use more than 10 different widgets;
  • link widgets to datafields;
  • set different options for widgets for better behaviour;
  • save set up form together with data for upload to NextGIS Mobile.

This software is a platform for our development projects geared for specific requirements and thus it can lack some functionality including basic stuff.

We recommend you to sign up for our support program, which will help you work effectively with the software and GIS in general.

Source code

Latest changes:
formbuilder 2.1.0
8f17e8c - Mikhan : Fixed button's attribute

3 Responses to NextGIS Formbuilder

  1. Jens says:

    I used Formbuilder to make a form for NextGIS Mobile, but I noticed the photo-element is not working on my Android devices. Isn’t the photofunction yet available for NextGIS Mobile?

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