NextGIS – what’s new in 2021

Many important events happened in 2021: the largest project, the biggest client, the most beautiful map. We’d like to give our actual and potential users a glimpse into the most important software and services updates of 2021.

New products:

  • NextGIS Toolbox – a set of geoprocessing tools for various geodata processing tasks;
  • NextGIS Collector – a technology for simple multi-user field geodata collection;

Hundreds of working groups and companies are already using new products in nature conservation, forestry, cadastre, communications and other fields.

Our flagship product NextGIS Web (NGW) has significantly improved turning into a unique solution for workflows around geodata, available in the cloud (SaaS) and on-premise. To help developers a special set of libraries NextGIS Frontend has been launched streamlining use of NGW API. Among the improvements are many speed-ups for work processes and support for the most modern GIS standards. We have also expanded and improved the geodata store

Watch a short video to learn more, important links can be found in the description.

Let us know if you need more information.

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