NextGIS Updates. February 2022

Happy to share the latest updates of our platform!

NextGIS Connect for QGIS 3

Our biggest news is NextGIS Connect for QGIS 3! Work with your Web GIS from the latest versions of QGIS 3. Use the hottest QGIS features, customize maps using all available styling methods,  publish to NextGIS Web in a couple of clicks.

In addition to publishing projects or individual QGIS layers on the web, the plugin offers simple to use tools for creating WMS and WFS services and connecting to them in one click. The plugin is already in the standard repository of QGIS extensions, try it out!

General news

Free onboarding

Visit you profile at and sign up for free onboarding if you need an advice or quick demo on using NextGIS tools.

New projects section

А new convenient way to browse through our projects in different fields! New version of our projects listing allows filtering by industry and a full-text searching.

NextGIS Web

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF support

The modern Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF standard opens up new horizons when working with rasters in Web GIS, and now its full support is provided in NextGIS Web. The rasters published in this way, even very large ones, are connected to external applications conveniently and efficiently. Details.

Adding a COG raster from NGW to QGIS

Keeping aliases when exporting

When exporting a vector layer, it became possible to use aliases instead of the original field names, which were set by you in the NextGIS Web interface or when loading the form from Formbuilder. No more confusion when uploading data to Excel spreadsheets and other exchange formats!

WFS server-side filtering

When connecting to a WFS service published in NextGIS Web, it is now possible to filter objects on the server side directly in the request. Filtering can save a lot of time and traffic when working with big datasets.

The SQL query to the WFS layer is executed on the server. The client application receives only the necessary objects


  • Highlighting objects when they are selected in the search bar – it has become even more convenient to see the desired object!
  • Improved support for layers with attributes that have service names (id and geom) – there are fewer restrictions and problems when loading your data. Now there is no need to worry that there are important fields with service names in the layers, this will not prevent correct loading into the Web GIS.
  • Wrapping layers around the 180 meridian when using a tile adapter – data passing through the 180 meridian began to be displayed continuously due to the looping of the global map.
  • Support for metacharacters when configuring CORS – now you can use constructions like https://* and configure integration with entire domains at once.

NextGIS Connect

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF support

With Connect, you can either upload a COG raster to a Web GIS, or add it from there to a QGIS project without unnecessary difficulties.

NextGIS Toolbox

Our cloud geoprocessing collection of instruments – continues to improve. Most notable updates:

  • The KML to geodata tool has been significantly improved. Now it supports more variations of KML produced by a variety of software. It can even turn unstructured geodata to structured ones.
  • New tool: Coordinates of center to attribute. Allows you to quickly get the coordinates of centroids for polygons, which are guaranteed to be inside.
  • New tool: Spatial join. Helps to join attributes of intersecting features between two layers.
  • Examples of launching Toolbox tools from program code are now available.

We hope you will enjoy the new features of the NextGIS platform! We will continue to work on improving performance, developing functionality and fixing bugs!

Let us know if you’d like a fully-functional trial or any questions.


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