NextGIS Toolbox

Please join us in welcoming the new addition to our products — NextGIS Toolbox!

NextGIS Toolbox is an ever-growing collection of tools for solving spatial data processing tasks. Each tool is designed to solve a specific problem.

The goal of NextGIS Toolbox is to standardize and simplify the use of small tools for geodata processing. The user no longer needs to think about where the scripts are located, how they are launched, what parameters are used. We cover the creation and support of the operability of the tools.

The processing tasks may vary. From simple, for example, extracting heights from a digital elevation model at points, to more complex, associated with the simultaneous processing or creation of several layers of information with a large number of parameters, for example, to create various rectangular grids.

Here are some more examples of what you can do with the Toolbox:

No software other than a web browser is needed to run any tool. A tool is represented by a simple form.

For developers

If you are a developer, you can run NextGIS Toolbox instruments from your program.
Each tool is accompanied by a sample of a Python code to run it. All tools are run in the same way.

Inputs — Outputs

Input data and results depend on the instrument.

The inputs can be:

  • data layers in various formats (loaded as files);
  • Links to resources from your Web GIS
  • CSV tables.

The outputs can be:

  • XLS reports
  • derived layers;
  • data modified right in your Web GIS, etc.

If some type of input or output is missing for a particular tool, we can add it.

User’s testimonials

The «Dynamic Map of Russia’s Borders» project required the use of rather complex technical solutions transforming «raw» historical and geographical data into a web map. Each update of «raw» geodata entailed redrawing of the target layers required by the frontend.

Initially, it had to be done in scripts, but the automated launch of the data preparation tool with the construction of the polygon topology, which NextGIS developed, allowed us to be independent when we run the process, not thinking about script support.

Alexey Frolov
Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics, senior researcher at the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences project Runiverse
Maps and visualizations are great, but for decision-making we often need a convenient and quick way to get a report on ship entrances into the reserve boundaries, where they should not enter without a permission. Thanks to toolbox, we have the easiest way to get such a report as often as we need. We are not programmers, but we can fill out a small form, receiving the output report in Excel with all necessary data.
Vadim Krasnopolsky
WWF Russia
Our company provides a range of services in the field of forest inventory. With the help of the toolbox, we save time on the formation of forest plot explications (special reports listing azimuths and lengths depicting an area). Now, instead of performing a dozen actions in ArcGIS for each logging area, we simply load the shapefile, and the calculation of azimuths and report generation are automatically completed.

In conclusion

NextGIS Toolbox currently provides access to over 40 tools. The list is constantly growing. An unlimited number of NextGIS Toolbox runs is available to users of our Premium plan.

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