New pricing and distribution policy for NextGIS Web on premise

Dear NextGIS users!

We’d like to inform that staring January 1, 2021 the pricing and distribution policy for NextGIS Web on premise will be significantly changed.

Currently the price for NextGIS Web is $2500 according the pricing plan “NextGIS Web on premise“. Staring January 1, 2021 NextGIS Web with be distributed together with other NextGIS software, number of users and price will be increased.


  1. NextGIS Web will be distributed in two editions: Standard and Extended
  2. The price of Standard edition will be $3500 and the price of Extended edition will be $7000
  3. Extended edition will include NextGIS Collector and NextGIS Tracking extensions
  4. All editions will include mobile and desktop NextGIS applications
  5. All editions will include 50 users with possibility of increasing

The price of White label option will be $3000.

Current prices are valid until the end of 2020. If you buy NextGIS Web on premise this year, next year you will have an option to prolong with current pricing or switch to new approach. This option will be available once.

Please consider this information if you plan to purchase NextGIS Web. 


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