news #7

We’re preparing lots of exciting improvements for our platform this year, but first let’s have a look at the latest updates to our Web GIS service from last year.

New Web Map Design

New Web Maps are nice and shiny! We’ve updated their look to be consistent with other Web GIS pages. New design is faster, lighter and more convenient, and we continue to improve it.

New design also features new map description box which allows to embed images and format text with HTML. You can use it to add a nice-looking legend or copyright info.

Manage Your Web GIS Outlook

If you are on Premium you can now change the way your Web GIS pages look using a built-in CSS editor. You can turn off our logo, change buttons and background styles, and more.

Coordinates on the Map

New handy coordinates tool lets you capture coordinates from the map or from a feature in whatever format you need. Select the format once, and Web GIS will remember your choice in the future.

PostGIS Layers Editing

Aside from adding PostgreSQL/PostGIS layers you can now edit PostGIS layers directly in your external PostGIS databases.

Lookup Tables

Lookup tables are a simple way to add small non-spatial tables with key-value pairs. These tables can be used afterwards in NextGIS FormBuilder and NextGIS Mobile to enter pre-defined values in comboboxes.

Lookup tables are available on Mini and Premium plans.

Let us know, what you think!

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