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After September 3, 2018 Free plan will allow up to 30 maps and layers


What are the rules for using Web GIS at

Web GIS can be used in accordance with NextGIS Terms of Service and User agreement for Web GIS service. We can also draft and sign bilateral Contract for use of Web GIS service with your company/organization if necessary.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can switch between plans at any moment. To do that use plan selector or send us a request.

Can I limit access to my web maps and resources?

Permission settings for web maps and other resources are available only for Premium users. If you’re Free or Mini user, then all your web maps and data are open to read to all users, including guests.

How can I buy Premium or Mini subscription?

Enter your personal or company information while switching or signing up for one of the plans in your profile. We will send you an invoice and payment link.

You can also send us a plan change request through our contact form.

What happens if I stop paying for Premium?

We value privacy of your data, so we won’t force open or delete any of your private resources. Instead you’ll have 1 week to do it yourself after your subscription has expired. There are 2 scenarios what happens next:
1. If after 1 week your Web GIS still has private resources, your Web GIS will be blocked. You will need to renew your Premium subscription to recover your Web GIS and remove/open private resources.
2. If after 1 week your Web GIS has no private resources, your Web GIS will be automatically switched to Free, loosing Premium functionality.

What happens if I stop paying for Mini?

Your Web GIS will be switched to Free. All your Web Maps will revert to use of only one basemap – OpenStreetMap Standard. You will also loose the ability to serve data from your Web GIS to apps and maps hosted on other websites (CORS).


Mini functionality


Tired of a standard basemap? Want to add satellite imagery, topography, basemaps in other styles? Mini allows you to choose from hundreds of different basemaps. You can have a look at what’s available at You can also add a basemap from your organization’s server. Have a look at the example.

Use data from your Web GIS for your app or website

If you’re a developer and would like to use your Web GIS as a backend for your own map or an app – Mini gets you covered. Mini allows you to turn on and set up CORS. This mode allows you to add completely new-looking map on your website and not worry about geodata upload and management (see how it works).

Lookup tables

Lookup tables are dictionaries of «key-value» pairs stored in your Web GIS. Lookup tables can be used for example for dropdown lists of pre-entered values to be used in NextGIS Formbuilder and NextGIS Mobile.

Direct support

If you’re experiencing a problem with one of our products or have a general question, e-mail us to We’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Premium functionality

Premium plan offers all Mini functionality and more:

Resources privacy

Set permissions for each resource in your Web GIS, including limitations for reading by different user groups. This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

Custom domain name

User your own domain name instead of default [name] To activate this function send us information about your domain.


Use your own logo and design elements instead of NextGIS logo. You can change the way your Web GIS looks with CSS. To add your logo, please send it to us first.

More speed

Premium Web GIS processes twice more requests than Free at the same time, which means 2x speed for map rendering and multi-user work. This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

Larger uploads

Upload files up to 1 Gb to your Web GIS (file size limit for Free plan is 500 Mb). This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

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