news #5

We’ve been very busy lately and here’s some of our news (stay tuned for more to come!).

Your Web GIS name change

Finally you can change the name of your Web GIS at

Change Web GIS name via Control panel.

Multiline WYSIWYG editor

Now you can use WYSIWYG editor to edit vector geodata attributes.

Note that current Web map popups don’t support HTML, so this feature is mainly for developers using as geodata storage for their projects.

Sign up for our Premium plan to get more features for developers, such as CORS.

Data import and protocols

Thanks to latest updates now can:

  • Add WMS 1.3.0 services
  • Upload multi-part geometries (including formats where geometries can be mixed)
  • Upload GeoJSON data where attributes are represented by lists

If your dataset still doesn’t load — let us know! We’re trying to make data upload as smooth as possible.

Better desktop integration

Using NextGIS Connect — our QGIS plugin for Web GIS resources management you now can:

  • Upload data with field aliases
  • Automatically add WFS services created in to your QGIS project
  • Upload multiple layers
  • Quickly update styles
  • Create WMS services in or plug them into from QGIS in one click

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