New installer for NextGIS desktop software

We’ve worked hard and happy to release a new installer representing a new way our software will be distributed in the future. As a base it uses Qt Installer framework, all our software is built with NextGIS Borsch.

New approach allows us to distribute our desktop software in a more uniform way, through single installer. It provides such benefits as:

  • packaging – software is divided into packages (libraries, resources, executables etc.);
  • less bandwidth – packages can be independently updated without duplication;
  • less duplication – all programs will use common libraries;
  • convenient set of utilities for software updates.

Installer (Windows 32/64, Mac OS) includes all necessary files and libraries and doesn’t require installation of any other software.

One of the goals of the installer – to reduce duplication, leading to smaller and faster updates. If error in the software is fixed, only the responsible package (and dependencies, if necessary) will be updated. You can also control which packages/software you’d like to install and which you don’t. Dependencies will be sorted out by the installer.

Installer works for both Windows and MacOS!

Our plan is to gradually release software through this installer. And the first program is new version of NextGIS Formbuilder. New software will appear in installer packages tree as soon as particular programs will be updated. Our software will notify you if updates are possible.

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