news #4. CORS, icons for resources, new styling features, intergration

We can’t wait to tell you about some new exciting features.

Better visuals for admin

Each resource from now on will have its own icon. This will help identify resources visually and hopefully make experience more intuitive.

For developers

Want to use your Web GIS as backend for your Leaflet/Openlayers app, map, portal, etc.? Turn on CORS for your domain(s) in your Web GIS settings and you’re good to go!

This feature is available for Premium users. Want to see how it works before switching to commercial plan?
Have a look at this example.

Beautiful maps

Switching to latest LTS version of QGIS rendering backend brings even more beautiful maps. Lots of new styling features, such as graduated size legend, are now supported.

Web maps for smart devices

We’ve improved web maps support for your smart devices. Now you can turn off layers panel in one click.

Better link with desktop GIS

We continue working hard on NextGIS Connect — a plugin that links desktop GIS (QGIS) and

Here is what’s new:

  • create Web map from a layer in one click,
  • transfer layers to QGIS keeping styles,
  • download styles as QML files,
  • better sorting,
  • resources renaming,
  • and more.

You can find brief overview of how NextGIS Connect works with in our Getting started manual.


Just to remind you, we’ve introduced our first commercial plan – Premium!

Need more out of your Web GIS at Premium subscription brings you:

  • Unlimited maps and resources
  • Resources privacy
  • Custom domain name
  • Branding
  • More speed
  • Larger uploads

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