New NextGIS Logger: integration, GPX export

We’re happy to introduce a new version of NextGIS Logger – productive GSM/GPS/sensor logger for automatic data collection.

Main feature in version 1.6 is integration – your own Web GIS (if you haven’t got one – sign up, it’s free). You won’t have to bother with storing data locally anymore (though we keep this option too) – now you can instantly send collected data to the cloud!

Here is an example of the track (data points with coordinates), full set of collected data can be found here):

Local export system is also changed. Now you can combine CSV data files the way you prefer or export data as single GPX track (only for GPS data).

Minor changes:

  • Added marks editing – long tap to edit a mark in a Marks screen;
  • Permissions dialogs for Android 6.0 and above;
  • Redesigned continuous data collecting notification – now you can stop it from the notifications bar ;
  • App preferences separated into multiple tabs for convenience. account adding

Adding account

Data export

Data export

Marks changing

Marks editing

You can get the latest version of NextGIS Logger directly from Google Play or as an APK file from Github. Our plans include: viewing and editing all collected records directly in the app, collecting data from nearby Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks.

Let us know what you think about new version and NextGIS Logger in general!

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