Plans for

  • Unlimited maps and resources
  • Resources privacy
  • Custom domain name
  • Branding
  • More speed
  • Larger uploads


What are the rules for using Web GIS at

Web GIS can be used in accordance with NextGIS Terms of Service and User agreement for Web GIS service. We can also draft and sign bilateral Contract for use of Web GIS service with your company/organisation if necessary.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can switch between plans at any moment. To do that use plan selector or send us a request.

Can I limit access to my web maps and resources?

Permission settings for web maps and other resources are available only for Premium users. If you’re Free user, then all your web maps and data are open for reading to all users, including guests.

How can I buy Premium subscription?

Enter your organization data while switching or signing up for Premium in your profile. We will prepare and send you an invoice based on the data you’ve entered.

You can also send us a request through our contact form.

What happens when I switch from Premium plan to Free plan?

When you switch from Premium to Free your Web GIS and all data in your Web GIS stay intact, but you won’t be able to access Premium functionality. We value privacy of your data, so we won’t open or delete your private resources. Instead you’ll have 1 month to do it yourself. If after 1 month following the switch your Free Web GIS still has private resources, your account will be blocked.

Premium functionality

Resources privacy

Set permissions for each resource in your Web GIS, including limitations for reading by different user groups. This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

Custom domain name

User your own domain name instead of default [name] To activate this function send us information about your domain.


Use your own logo and design elements instead of NextGIS logo. To activate this function send us logo and other design elements you wish to use.

More speed

Premium Web GIS processes twice more requests than Free at the same time, which means 2x speed for map rendering and multi-user work. This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

Larger uploads

Upload files up to 1 Gb to your Web GIS (file size limit for Free plan is 500 Mb). This function is activated automatically when you sign up for Premium plan.

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