QuickMapServices: easy basemaps in QGIS

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Basemap is often the first layer added at the start of a GIS project. Basemaps are often presented through different webservices: TMS, WMS, WMTS, ESRI ArcGIS Services or simply as XYZ tiles.

Latest QuickMapServices news: dedicated website, search, API, more client software

Desktop GIS have different tools for adding basemaps.

QGIS, for example, has its own providers and 3rd-party plugins to access those services. WMS and WMTS protocols are implemented in the core. It is possible to access XYZ tiles through WMS Driver by writing a special XML file understandable by GDAL. This is not convenient, as you need to remember all these addresses and takes time to create those files.

Existing  plugins offer some of the needed functionality, but after studying, we felt that there is a niche for a new plugin which will combine the best features. Welcome QuickMapServices – a plugin that makes work with web-based basemaps easy.


  1. Includes continuously updated list of services that you can add to the project in one click (as OpenLayers Plugin, but the latter uses webkit approach to add tiles which is not optimal).
  2. Doesn’t have problems with scaling labels on non-standard zoom levels (unlike Tile Map Scale Plugin, which uses universal GDAL driver that leads to problems with visualization and printing on non-standard zoom levels in QGIS).
  3. Uses tile access implementation with aliasing on non-standard zoom level (like TileLayer Plugin, but this plugin can’t add basemaps in one click).
  4. Is easily extendable by adding simple ini files.

We didn’t limit ourselves by one type of service: you can add almost all kinds of basemaps XYZ tiles, TMS, WMS, WMTS, ESRI ArcGIS Services. Using this extention with our NextGIS QGIS build that uses GDAL 2.0 you can easily add dynamic ArcGIS Server services, such as Rosreestr maps or layers from Digital Atlas of Moscow.

We’ve just started and implemented only basic functionality. We plan to extend the list of services that can be plugged via QuickMapServices and add new functionality: better work with scales, more data sources, support for native user forms for adding services on the map etc.

We will be grateful for feedback, links to services that can be openly used, etc. Pull-requests are welcome at Github.

Detailed manual for QuickMapServices is also available.

You can read more about QMS’ contributed servicesmanaging styles and easy services management.

55 Responses to QuickMapServices: easy basemaps in QGIS

  1. Rolf Schulz says:

    How can I retrieve BING and Google maps with your QuickMapServices plugin?



  2. Jahanzaib says:

    Does QuickMapServices plugin provide searching latitude, longitude?

  3. Philippe says:

    Hi all,

    I just installed Quickmapservices on Qgis,

    Do you know how can i generate a Map of HK?

    Thank you !

  4. HubLot says:

    Awesome plugin ! Congrats on your work.
    I was wondering if we could set the scale level of the tiles so that labels don’t “shrink” when printing…

  5. Pianos says:

    I installed this plugin because I was having trouble with OpenLayerPlugin when exporting maps. Now How do I access google satellite maps to use as base map.

  6. Xabi says:

    How can I add ini files in Mac OS 10.9? I’m not able to find the folder containing Quick Map Services’ files. I’ve an .ini file I would like to load in QGIS using your plugin, and it is impossible for the moment.


  7. pauljkart says:

    I have quickmapservice installed, but it has disappeared from the QGIS menus, it used to be there. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, but doesn’t show up. any ideas how to get it back?

  8. Ben says:

    I was very enthusiastic about the new plugin because I thought it would solve the issue of OpenLayersPlugin in the print composer. Unfortunatelly there seem to be the same problems with the new plugin as well… In printo composer e.g. Bing maps are wrongly displayed and export is not possible. Do you think these will be fixed in the near future?


  9. tim says:

    im trying to figure out how people can add my gwc tms into qgis – i dont spend much time with desktop software

  10. Benjamin says:

    The PlugIn is very nice and usefull.
    I miss an option to add a local tile-basemap. If I would like use an basemap on expedition without a internet connection i have a tile-basemap locally. At the moment is is only working, if i run a local webserver like tomcat or if I create manual a data_source in the “data_sources”-folder. In the dialog I can’t add this because it is not possible to set a local path.
    Maybe you can add a option to create a basemap from local device.

  11. Jef says:

    I opened a delimited file layer with lat and long. I tried opening all maps (trial and error which will show, one after the other). Yet, nothing showed. What must be the problem. Mine is QGIS 2.18.9 version.
    Thank you for your reply/help.
    IRRI Philippines

  12. glenn hazelton says:

    the OMS Mapnik option is not showing up in the list of available tools. i see it in the image you have above on this website but it doesn’t show up when your pluggin is installed. please explain.

  13. Maryjune says:

    Hello i have downloaded the QuickMapServices, after that what do I do then? It doesn’t work yet in my QGIS.
    BTW, I am using QGIS version nodebo 2.16

  14. Sunny Morales Morales says:

    Hello !
    I Have this message:
    “Plugin quick_map_services: The plugin will be disabled because it crashed QGIS during last startup. Please report an issue and re-enable the plugin when the problem has been solved” …
    How can solve it? Please help

  15. Sam Knight says:

    Hi Maxim,
    I’ve been finding the QMS plugin incredibly useful in QGIS- great work! Recently though, the OSM layers other than the Standard version (e.g. OSM TF Landscape) have started displaying with an “API Key Required” watermark. A bit of research lead to me getting a Thunderforest API Key, but is there a way of entering it into QMS? Thanks in advance, Sam

  16. Beck says:

    I’m using Google Satellite as a basemap. Is there anyway to show the map source on the map? In the layer properties there is the option to place the credit on the bottom right corner but this doesn’t appear to do anything on my screen.

  17. Pedro Monteiro says:

    I use Qgis (v. 2.14.1 Essen) inside Portable Gis (http://www.archaeogeek.com/pages/portable-gis/). I usually don’t have any issues in installing modules from the official repo, except for the Quick Map Services module, which I cannot install. Phyton always throws an error “No module name requests”. How can I solve this problem?

    • Unfortunately we can’t help with different packaging systems.

      • Pedro Monteiro says:

        Thanks Maxim:
        But is there any special difference in Quick Map Services that could explain that only that module – unlike all the others – cannot be installed?
        Best regards

        • Try one more time, if you were trying to install one of the previous versions there was a bug on our side with packaging requests. 0.19.3 should be good if this was related.

          • Pedro Monteiro says:

            Hello Maxim:
            QMS is finally installed (in Portable Gis latest version), some default services are ok, but these don’t show up (EPSG 3035):
            1. Landsat (Gis-Lab.info) – Message: Timeout
            2. NASA Fires – Past 24 hours – Message in red under layername: layer’s legend has failures
            3. NASA Fires – Past 48 hours – [same as above]
            4. OSM Veloroad – Message: failed to download all 20 files
            5. eAtlas EGIP – [no message]
            Thank you very much

          • Please try using QMS search. Generally we gradually moving away from the catalog, search should be more up to date.

            Fixes for the default catalog can be sent here: https://github.com/nextgis/quickmapservices/tree/master/src/data_sources

  18. Ashan says:

    Please, can you mention the Path of Adding API key for request maps?

  19. Ricardo Sampaio says:

    Hi, I’m trying to access the google satellites image using the QuickMapServices, but when I click on the “more services-Get contributed pack, the message: “Error on getting contrib pack: 6” appears! I’m using Mac. Can you tell me how I can solve that?

  20. David says:

    Is QGIS3 support coming?

  21. dja says:

    hi there. trying to install the contributor pack and i’m getting this error:
    Error on getting contrib pack: 6
    any ideas?

  22. val says:

    Thanks for this amazing plugin ! It’s so usefull and powerfull.
    I just have one question though. Is it possible to fix the zoom/scale (eg : high definition for a large area)

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