NextGIS Logger

We’re happy to present NextGIS Logger. We often find ourselves collecting various data, but existing loggers, while there are loads of them, did not satisfy us from productivity or control standpoints. That’s why we wrote our own.

NextGIS Logger is an Android app (Google Play) for productive collection of data from surrounding sources of information and internal sensosrs. Besides logging in the background, it is also possible to create user markers linked to the log points by timestamps. You can even provide an app with your own set of marker names and IDs.

Currently, NextGIS Logger can collect data from:

  • Cellular base stations
  • sensors: acelerometer, gyroscopes, orientation sensors etc.

NextGIS Logger saves data with given interval and has convenient means of sessions control. You can share finished logging session the standard Android way.

More information about NextGIS Logger can be found on it’s homepage. You can leave feedback at Google Play or Github.


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