Tilesets in NextGIS Web

NextGIS Web generates tiles based on uploaded raster and vector data. New feature allows to upload pre-made tilesets and manage them in NextGIS Web just like any other resource.

Uploading a tileset is useful in several situations:

  • No geospatial data ready, i.e., no configured project with configured layers and styles.
  • Tiles made with third-party software (such as SASPlanet) need to be added to your NextGIS Web Map.
  • A set of pre-made maps with various zoom levels needs to be used as basemap.

Raster tiles are created with various tile generators. Most common are QTiles plugin for QGIS, gdal2tiles and SASPlanet.

NextGIS Web supports MBTiles and ZIP archives with tiles. The tiles themselves should be PNG or JPEG, 256×256 pixels.

After uploading a tileset to your NextGIS Web, add it to your Web Map as a layer in the Web Map settings.

Create your own NextGIS Web to explore its capabilities. Start with the free plan and upgrade to Premium for advanced features.

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