NextGIS is the Bronze Sponsor of OpenLayers

NextGIS continues to support opensource products that we used in our projects. This time, we are one of the first bronze sponsors of OpenLayers.

There are many aspects of the project that do not receive the attention it should. Crucial tasks, such as writing documentation, offering ad hoc support to users, and processing bug reports, often receive less attention than the code itself. Meanwhile, many organizations have made an investment in using OpenLayers as part of their operations, so solving these problems is very important. Sponsorship is one of the ways to do it.

Sponsorship should not be seen as a way to control the development of the project directly, but rather a way of ensuring the longevity and overall health of the project. The sponsorship funds will be spent to pay for specific developments, funding participation in organized project activities, such as code sprints or other community building activities.

Meanwhile, a sponsor’s input on project focus and direction will be solicited via regular sponsor surveys, and will receive a detailed annual report on the use of sponsorship funds.

We hope to continue to sponsor OpenLayers (and other projects) that we use in our work.

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