What’s new in NextGIS Web on-premise 2.1.0

Try out the new features of NextGIS Web on your server:

— Support for web map cloning via UI
— Search by coordinates on web maps
— CSV and XLSX support when creating a vector layer
— Export and import feature layer attachments
— Vector layer export to KML and KMZ formats
— Fields selection while exporting feature layer
— Assign default groups while creating users via UI
— Experimental support for authorization links
— Use resource SRS by default while exporting raster and vector layers
— Support for boolean and null values in resource metadata
— Support for fixed-length “character” columns in PostGIS layers
— Support for materialized views and 2.5D geometries in PostGIS layers
— Ability to turn off user password and keep only OAuth authentication
— Check for disk free space in the healthcheck
— Ability to search through resources recursively in REST API
— OpenLayers library upgraded to 6.15.1

You can test the new features in our free sandbox. The username and password are in the Web GIS name.

Click here for the complete list of updates. Video tutorials on some of the new features have already been published on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to this channel and be sure to stay tuned.

The NextGIS Web server comes in two editions – Standard and Extended. See the company’s website for the features and prices of these editions.

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