How to publish a map with your SVG markers in Web GIS

You can use your own SVG markers when you design your web maps. These markers are often used to mark points or polygonal objects. 

QGIS allows you to link a set of custom SVG markers to layer objects. However, when you publish your QGIS project as a web map, the markers will not be automatically transferred to the web map.

There are two ways to bind SVG markers to layer objects so that they are not lost when you publish your project to NextGIS Web. Let’s look at each of them.

1. Creating a library of SVG markers in NextGIS Web

  • First, add a new path for SVG icons in the QGIS settings.
  • Then specify a marker that would represent each layer.
  • Publish your project to Web GIS even though the SVG markers will not be displayed.
  • Then create a library of SVG markers in your Web GIS and upload all the SVG icons used in the project into that library. It’s important not to change the names of the icons.
  • Associate each layer of the project with the marker library using style preferences.

Watch the video for an example.

2. Embedding an SVG marker into a QGIS layer

  • Under layer style properties, embed an SVG marker.
  • Separately publish the layer in Web GIS.
  • Connect the layer with the embedded SVG marker to the web map if needed.

See the second video tutorial for details.

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