Working with Lookup tables in NextGIS Web

Work with spatial data involves, among other things, managing attributes. Attribute information is the base for styles and interactive elements of Web Maps.

Lookup tables are sets of values that can be used to fill in attribute fields of Web Map features. Having a lookup table connected to the field makes working with geographic information systems more effective.

In NextGIS Web you can create a lookup table for your data. Key-value pairs for the table can be added manually or upload from a pre-made CSV file. Then you can connect the lookup table to one or several attribute fields of the layer.

While editing the layer the field will have a dropdown menu containing the values from the lookup table to choose from. After the changes are saved, the new value chosen from the table will be displayed in the identify popup of the feature.

A layer with a lookup table connected to it can be uploaded from your Web GIS to NextGIS QGIS. This way you can access the values from the lookup table from the desktop app and modify them.

More on working with lookup tables in NextGIS Web in our video.

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