NextGIS Toolbox: Over 70 Online Tools for Processing Your Geodata

We have recently completed a major update of the NextGIS Toolbox service. The Toolbox is a collection of dozens of geoprocessing tools available without any additional software – all you need is your web browser.

Each tool in NextGIS Toolbox is designed to perform a specific task. You can search the tools by name or tag. 

You can save frequently used tools to your Favorites and then search or filter them by tag. 

To run a tool, upload the source data and enter the necessary parameters. Once a task is complete, you can change one or more parameters and run the tool again. 

Your task list can be filtered by date and status. This allows you to find a task from several days or weeks ago and re-run it with the same or new parameters.

Share NextGIS Toolbox with your team! If you have purchased a Premium subscription, you can add up to five additional users to the service at no additional cost.

Learn more about the service on the NextGIS Toolbox page. Want to discuss functionality, ask questions, or suggest improvements? Join our public chat on Telegram!

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