NextGIS Frontend v.2

Major Update for Developers

NextGIS Frontend is a set of components for independent development of cartographic web applications based on NextGIS Web. This resource includes dozens of JavaScript libraries and examples of their use to help develop custom interfaces tailored to your tasks.

The website dedicated to frontend libraries has been completely redesigned. Now, you can modify the code of each example in the built-in editor and immediately see the changes on the map. Also, the developer documentation section has been updated and made easier to navigate.

Key updates:

  • Improved rendering performance of NextGIS Web layers using the Image adapter.
  • Enhanced functionality of React components.
  • Renamed Mapbox-related libraries to Maplibre:
    • ngw-mapbox renamed to ngw-maplibre-gl;
    • mapbox-map-adapter is now maplibre-gl-map-adapter;
    • react-ngw-mapbox is now react-ngw-maplibre-gl.
  • Enabled ngw-ol, ngw-leaflet, ngw-maplibre-gl libraries to be used with any versions of interactive maps (OpenLayers, Leaflet, Maplibre-GL respectively).
  • Improved examples on the demo site and added comments.
  • Updated repository with tutorials.
  • Reduced the size of library files, simplifying their use and integration.
  • Moved Vue libraries to a separate repository and renamed them.

The full list of updates is available on GitHub. Start new projects with our libraries or integrate them into existing ones. If you have any questions or issues during the update process, feel free to reach out to us via our Telegram chat.

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