Microsoft Roads on NextGIS Data

Microsoft works actively on geospatial data using AI and machine learning algorithms utilizing huge volumes of satellite data and NextGIS Data was extracting building data for while now.

We’ve just added one more Microsoft dataset – Roads. Using NextGIS Data Roads dataset you can now get three different sources of road data at once:

  • Road network – Microsoft;
  • Road network – OpenStreetMap;
  • Road network – Microsoft (a selection of roads absent in OpenStreetMap).

As with construction data, combining Microsoft and OpenStreetMap data provides a more comprehensive picture.

“Bing Maps is releasing mined roads around the world. We have detected 48.9M km of all roads and 1165K km of roads missing from OSM. Mining is performed with Bing Maps imagery between 2020 and 2022 including Maxar and Airbus. The data is freely available for download and use under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)”, – quote from Microsoft/RoadDetections repository on Github.

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