NextGIS at FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn, August 21-26

We are in Bonn for FOSS4G 2016!

We’ll have two presentations and one more participation in a talk. Here is what we’ll talk about and timing:

NextGIS Mobile – mobile GIS alternative
25.08 in 16:00 (Room Berlin) Maxim Dubinin will give brief overview and talk about news in NextGIS Mobile.

Presentation: NextGIS mobile FOSS4G 2016

Video: NextGIS Mobile – mobile GIS alternative

GDAL 2.1: what’s new
25.08 in 14:00 (Room Bonn) Dmitry Baryshnikov will join Even Rouault to present GNM for GDAL.

Presentation: GDAL 2.1 FOSS4G 2016

Video: GDAL 2.1: what’s new ?

Borsch: modern build system for C/C++ GIS projects
26.08 in 10:30 (Tunnel) Dmitry will present NextGIS Borsch – our new CMAKE-based build system for geospatial software.

Presentation: NextGIS Borsh FOSS4G 2016

Video: Borsch: modern build system for C/C++ GIS projects

On 22.08 (Monday) we are participating in Code sprint where we plan to make few releases of our QGIS plugins, help with bugtracker and spend time on new TMS driver for GDAL. Join!

Finally, on 23rd we are at the business day.

That’s the plan, please come to listen to our talks and discuss any questions you might have for us!


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