NextGIS Logger

NextGIS Logger is a data collector for Android that records information from surrounding data sources and internal sensors.

This is free and open-source software that has no limitations for redistribution. You can use this software in any settings be that home use or commercial applications.

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You can also get it as an apk-file.

NextGIS Logger works on smart-phones and tablets under OS Android 3.0 and above.

NextGIS Logger collects data from:

  • Cellular towers
  • internal sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, orientation, microphone (noise level)
  • pluggable external sensors (Arduino-based)

It also can:

  • Use user-defined list of category names to place on top of the log
  • Manage logging sessions, share results
  • Show collected data in real time (Live data mode)
  • Set up logging parameters (interval, sensors)

We recommend you to sign up for our support program, which will help you work effectively with the software and GIS in general.

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