Example group GIS training program based on QGIS

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Note: this is a real-life example of a customized training program

Duration: 4 working days from 10.00 until 16.00 with lunch break.

Day 1

  • What is GIS. Definitions, objectives and software (theory)
  • Priorities setting (theory)
  • Getting to know QGIS: interface, plugins, project (practice)
  • Working with layers (practice)
  • Spatial and attributive navigation (practice)
  • Working with vector symbolics  — 1 (practice)

Day 2

  • Working with vector symbolics  — 2 (practice)
  • Projections and coordinate systems (theory)
  • Recalculating geographic coordinates between formats (practice)
  • Working with coordinate systems (practice)

Day 3

  • Georeferencing raster data using geographic grid (practice)
  • Georeferencing raster data using other sources of coordinates (practice)
  • Creating and editing vector data (practice)

Day 4

  • Calculating geometric characteristics of objects: length, area, coordinates (practice)
  • Importing table point data (practice)
  • Linking vector data with tables using attributes and location (practice)
  • Composing maps for printing (practice)