We’re glad to share experience and willing to give away our secrets. Our specialists are non-stop trainers leading seminars and teaching courses on various aspects of work with GIS, from introductory to development.

Main training programs include:

  • Introduction to GIS
  • Advanced GIS
  • Web GIS
  • Development for GIS

Our broad experience allows us to be flexible in the choice of software to get you trained on. Our main features are customizable training program and possibility of 1 on 1 training – internship. Customizable training means, that you can adjust your training program based on your time and money.

We specialize and able to provide training in opensource GIS: QGIS, MapServer, GeoServer, Openlayers, PostGIS.

We don’t have fixed training schedule and we do not organize groups regularly. Group organization is the responsibility of the client.

Depending on number of people in the group pricing is:

  • individual training/internship: 270 USD/day + 50% for a second person, not more than 2 persons interning at the same time. Duration: 3 – 10 days.
  • Training: group of 3 – 5: 135 USD/day/person (1 instructor)
  • Training: group of 5 – 15: 200 USD/day/person (2 instructors)

Typical working day: 10:00 – 17:00 plus one hour lunch break.

Travel costs and accomodation in the case of external trainings are extra. Prices are approximate and subject to change.

Real-life example programs:

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