Example internship program – Web-GIS with opensource

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Duration: 10 working days from 10.00 to 16.00

Day 1

  • GIS in the Web 2.0 era (theory)
  • Web applications and Web GIS architecture (theory)

Day 2

  • Data storage approaches (theory)
  • Setting up and configuring PostGIS (practice)

Day 3

  • Map servers (theory)
  • Setting up and configuring MapServer (practice)

Day 4

  • Web mapping services (theory)
  • Building WMS and WFS services based on PostGIS+MapServer (practice)

Day 5

  • Map renderers (theory)
  • Setting up symbology on server and client side (practice)

Day 6

  • JavaScript client mapping libraries (theory)
  • Using web mapping services within OpenLayers and Leaflet (JavaScript) (practice)

Day 7

  • Improve performance (creating cache tiles) (theory)
  • Creating cache tiles workshop (Python) (practice)

Day 8

  • Introduction to Python, concept of Web framework (theory)
  • Setting up and configuring Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, building data models (практика)

Day 9

  • Pattern Model-View-Controller(MVC) in Web GIS (theory)
  • Building GUI using GeoExt (JavaScript) (practice)

Day 10

  • Building simple Web application for identify clicked objects (Python, JavaScript)  (practice)