Caching for fast web maps

To much data is a standard GIS situation. Data volumes are often high but we need to show them fast. NextGIS Web ( already supports several techniques to speed up data visualization, today we’re announcing a new one – caching.

Caching is the way to store and serve to users repeatedly queried same pieces of your map to save time rendering them. Caching can significantly increase the speed of your web map display.

Here is the comparison of same map rendering, with caching on (left) and off (right).

Caching can be turned on for any style of a vector layer and available on Premium.

There several options for caching strategy:

  • Enable/disable caching for a particular style
  • Allow using tiles in non-tile requests checkbox – the requested image (not a tile) will be prepared from previously cached tiles (if available)
  • Maximum zoom level – a threshold above which the cache is not used and the image is generated “on the fly”
  • TTL – “time to live” tile storage life in seconds after which it will be regenerated on the next request.

More info?

Have a look at the docs section for more information on caching.

Sign up to Premium to start using caching right away!

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