NextGIS Contributions in QGIS, First Half of 2012

NextGIS not only builds its business upon opensource products and serves as the sponsor of various opensource projects, but we also participate in the development process of several large GIS-related projects.

Quantum GIS (QGIS), which was released a few days ago,  is one such project for which we actively participated with the development of this opensource GIS; some of our employees were members of the core development and release teams. Proud of the accomplishment, we  published a small report about this work over last six months. The report does not include the development of plugins or other related additions.

Of course, new features are the most notable for users. NextGIS implemented a number of feature requests:

  • Added a new tool to build spatial indexed in batch mode (#2779)
  • Added a densify geometries tool (#3628)
  • Added UI for gdal_fillnodata to GDALTools
  • Added loading layers into active groups, adding layers or groups after active layers
  • Added a navigation tool «Pan Map to Selection» (#4031)
  • Implemented distance and area calculation using project CRS, layer CRS, or on ellipsoid
  • Added a new scale widget that allows user to enter scale manually and select it from a predefined list
  • Improved «Polygon from layer extent» tool: added AN option to generate separate polygons for each feature
  • Added an option to avoid copying WKT geometry from attribute table (#4591)
  • Opening layers from ESRI File Geodatabase
  • Added icon themes in Georeferencer plugin
  • And others

Less visible, but not less important, is “bug fixing.” Thanks to NextGIS, more than 50 bugs in different QGIS subsystems are now repaired, including:

  • Automatic refresh of layers list in fTools when new layer is added (#4318)
  • Fixed bug in «Union» tool, that causes «holes» in output (#3581)
  • Made displaying CRS consistent
  • Fixed «New Shapefile layer» dialog in the user interface
  • Transition from SpatiaLite CRS database to QGIS one when creating new SpatiaLite layers
  • Fixed and improved process handling (to avoid blocking main QGIS window) in fTools
  • Fixed bug that caused project to stay unchanged after adding new composer (#3577)
  • Small fixes in QGIS standalone installer (#2977)
  • Used native path delimiter on different systems (#2992)
  • Fixed several dialogs: automatically adds suffixes to filenames if user ommits them
  • Reorganized plugins and related fixes in Plugin Manager (#4395)
  • Fixed running query against layer with Cyrillic in path (#2435)
  • Fixed Cyrillic support in raster layer properties (#4452)
  • Fixed several bugs in new symbology «Categorized values» renderer (#2709)
  • Fixed the highlighting of identified features (#4938)
  • Fixed support for additional plugins search path in Plugin Manager (#4178)
  • Case insensitive search for CRS when adding WMS layers
  • Fixed several bugs in raster layers rendering (#4917), implemented global rendering options
  • Fixed several bugs  in fTools (#5202, #5204, #4571, etc.)
  • And others

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