NextGIS plugins, part 3: interaction with external software

In the final part of our review, we will talk about plugins that make it easier to work with external programs. You will learn:

  • How to interact with Google Earth from QGIS
  • How to prepare poly-files for the JOSM editor in QGIS
  • How to add shortcuts to external programs and web pages in QGIS

Besides answering these questions, we’ll demonstrate two more plugins for working with vector layers. Let’s begin!

Send2GE: sends current location to Google Earth

One click on the desired point on the map in QGIS launches Google Earth. The program opens immediately at the clicked point.

Instant switching from point to point allows you to work simultaneously in two windows – in QGIS and Google Earth.

OSMPoly_export: export vector polygons to poly-files

The plugin allows you to export objects of a multipolygon layer or an entire layer in poly-format.

Such files are opened in the OpenStreetMap data editor – JOSM.

Shortcut Manager: a shortcuts toolbar to run external programs

With Shortcut Manager you can add external program shortcuts and web links to the toolbar in QGIS.

ReconstructLine: reconstruct linear features from unordered points

The points may be disordered by time and other attributes, but the spatial arrangement of the points is taken into account.

Use the Points2One plugin to connect points similarly by value in the attribute table.

Digitizr: digitize a line and have a buffer around it immediately

The plugin allows you to draw polygons like lines. The thickness of such a line-polygon can be changed.


We continue to improve existing plugins and develop new ones. Ideas for new plugins come from our software discussions with you. Become a NextGIS customer and we will be happy to discuss your challenges and needs in order to translate them into useful new QGIS plugins.

Join our community on Telegram and ask your questions. There we publish all the news about our platform.

We’ve developed over 30 plugins, more than any other company in the world. These plugins are available from the official QGIS plugin repository. Our plugins work in our own NextGIS QGIS build as well as in QGIS 3.

Check out parts one and two of this review if you missed it.

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