NextGIS Crowd

During 2013 and 2014 we were busy helping build UIK GEO – geospatial crowdsourcing project aimed to create open geodata on polling stations in Russia. We started thinking that the tool we developed to collaboratively create and edit geodata can be also used in other fields and projects.

We often seek information about what is located where – polling stations, illegal dump sites, recycling station. And we need convenient tools to collect such data. In July we took this idea to Crowd Lab organized by Тeplitsa of social technologies and we won. We’re finally happy to report that NextGIS Crowd is more or less stable and released.

NextGIS Crowd (NGC) is a simple tool for collaborative work with geodata. Using NGC a leader, without knowledge of programming can setup his own collaborative project and invite users to participate in editing geodata using simple to use tools and dynamic forms. The user will only need to register with the project – NextGIS Crowd works in browser.

NGC is successfully used today in UIK GEO – a project where volunteers collect geographic information on locations of polling stations. Using NGC 90 participants together edited over 12 000 locations. The results of this work are used by observers and media.

NextGIS Crowd is open-source and its code can be found on GitHub.



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